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The services offered by the Revista Informativa Dominicana (RIDO) are to support our young high school graduates from different colleges and universities of the main Dominican universities, in achieving their life goals at a professional, work and personal level, by publishing of articles, videos, books, manuals, brochures and infographics in the areas of knowledge of education, technology and business.

To achieve these objectives, the project proposes to deliver the magazine in physical and digital format totally free, sponsored by the support of national and international businesses and non-profit institutions with the placement of advertising and the subsidy of the printed magazine. The advertising services are focused on a target of young high school and university students from public and private institutions aged between 16 and 24 years old,

For more details of the services we offer, you can contact us at the following means:


Rido Magazine

To be the leading Information Magazine at the national level in Education, Technologies and Business

Generate knowledge through the technological platform and distribute it among the members of the RIDO community, with the aim of supporting the integral development of our young high school and university students in Education, Technology and Business.

• Responsibility
• Equity
• Justice
• Innovation
• Quality
• Ethics

Informative magazine Dominicana (Rido) is a project dedicated to the generation of knowledge between national and international community. The business model consists of generating knowledge, sharing it with the national and international community and is focused on students of the middle and university levels

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